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I do know this about Larry Rich:
The Andrew Sisters- In 1932, they began singing accompanied by the Larry Rich Orchestra. 
I also discovered that Michael Kallesser was Writer/Producer of:
Information from:

Brother Cain
[Original, Play] Written by Michael Kallesser Sep 12, 1941 - Sep 27, 1941 
Live and Learn
[Original, Play] Produced by Michael Kallesser Apr 9, 1930 - [unknown] 
[Original, Play, Drama] Produced by Michael Kallesser; 
Written by Michael Kallesser Apr 19, 1929 - [unknown] 
He Understood Women
[Original, Play] Produced by Michael Kallesser; 
Written by Michael Kallesser Aug 15, 1928 - [unknown] 
Marriage on Approval
[Original, Play] Produced by Michael Kallesser; 
Written by Michael Kallesser Mar 1, 1928 - [unknown] 
Trial Marriage
[Original, Play] Produced by Michael Kallesser; 
Written by Michael Kallesser Jan 31, 1927 - [unknown] 
One Man's Woman
[Original, Play] 

Larry Rich, Alice Fay, The Apollo and more...

People, places, questions.


Larry Rich was mentioned by my grandmother in the newspaper article above as being especially kind to her. I'd like to know more about the man behind the kindness, the Western Union Telegrams, and a signed publicity drawing of himself to my grandmother which reads:

(It was drawn by Murray Korman, NY)

To Little "Marion" Sweet clever, charming With a World of Personality. Thanx for Being a great Little Foal. Here's Hoping That you Realize all your ambition and That I am one of them. Lots of Luck Always Larry Rich


This note fascinates me. Not so much by what it says, but by what it doesn't. I can only guess they had a beautiful friendship.


Amidst the treasures that my grandmother left behind are some Western Union telegrams from 1931 to 1933. I'm sure there were many more than the three I possess, but these are a piece of her history that I treasure. They are time frozen- moments when I imagine my grandmother rushing off to the station to travel to the next show. I can envision the theater, hotel, people scurrying about. This was a time of pure joy for her- carefree, young and full of promise and life. Thrust into the spotlight early, I can't help but admire the dedication and discipline my grandmother must have had. For a time, this was her entire life.

Each one of these Western Union Telegrams, or money order messages, is from Larry Rich.

Who were Michael Kallesser, Author and Producer of "ONE MAN'S WOMAN" and "MARRIAGE ON APPROVAL" AND Charles Sherman, Theatrical Manager?

I have a hand written note to my grandmother upon letterhead with the two above names on it. The address is scratched out, (723 SEVENTH AVENUE, ROOM 905, NEW YORK CITY) and is pencil changed to 226 W 47 ST, NEW YORK CITY.

The note is from Mr. Kallesser

So, who was this Michael Kallesser? How did he know my grandmother? Why did he have her picture on his wall? Which picture was it?

The search continues. My list of questions keeps growing....and growing.


Also mentioned in the newspaper article is the fact that my grandmother danced in the George White Scandals with many stars, including Alice Fay. What's not mentioned is that my grandmother, Marion Thompson and Alice Fay were roommates during the on stage Scandals. My mother told me this, but I don't know the dates or where they roomed together. I can only assume it was somewhere in 1931-32. I'd love to learn more about this. I know they were friends~ that's about it.

I surmise that while Alice Fay went off into pictures, my grandmother followed a different path, got married, had my mother, lost her husband, and got right back into show-biz to support her. I am very proud of my grandmother for working so hard and paying, (with the help of her father), my mother's college tuition and weekly expenses to The New England Conservatory of Music- in full. Not an easy task today, let alone back in the 1950's. Amazing woman!

As I learn more, so will those who are interested. If anyone knows anything, or has something they'd like to contribute, please leave a message in my guestbook. I will include your information, giving you proper credit.

The Internet is such a vast, incredible tie between us. We find things that once took hours in a second, and we discover people and places that are important to us by mere chance.

It is in the hope of a chance discovery that I share this information about a talented Broadway dancer, and a woman I loved- Marion Thompson Morin. However, she will always remain "Grammy" to me.

Ellen M. DuBois